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Conveyancing simply means the transfer of legal title of a real property from one person (or entity) to another.  The “conveyance” of your property investments is absolutely vital to get right.  Whether it is for personal or business purposes, your property purchases or sales may be one of the largest financial investments you may embark on in your lifetime. 

We ensure your interests are fully protected during the process of transferring ownership, and we can advise you of the rights and responsibilities you have.


The conveyancing process can be tricky to navigate.  For example, in Queensland sellers must follow certain procedures when selling residential property or the contract may not be binding.  This means it is essential to have experienced legal advice and a carefully controlled process for this transfer.


Do not hesitate in contacting the conveyancing team at McDonald Leong, who will guide you through the process, and act for you in any legal issues that may arise from the transfer of property.


Some of the conveyancing services we offer are:

  • Preparing Contracts for clients who want to purchase or sell property
  • Review of Contracts for the purchase or selling of property
  • Loan Document & Mortgage documents advice
  • Transfer Duty advice
  • Conducting local authority and property searches on your behalf.

McDonald Leong Lawyers in Townsville can undertake all the necessary checks and searches that you require, track the key dates of your transaction, as well as liaising with your financier in making sure that all contractual terms and obligations can be fulfilled.


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